Charms of Hida Takayama

Takayama Ramen
Slurp in the Goodness!

8 October, 2019 | Food

If you are a ramen fan, you will love Takayama Ramen. With other kinds of ramen, the broth is prepared separately and poured on to the noodles and soy sauce just prior to serving, but with Takayama Ramen, the soy sauce is boiled in the pot together with the broth made from chicken and pork bones. The thin, homemade wavy noodles are easy to slurp, with all the good soup wrapping the noodles. Together, they create harmony in your mouth, and you can enjoy the multiple flavors and depth of taste on your palette.

There are many Takayama Ramen shops, but here are a few recommendations from Manabi-stay:

Menya Shirakawa:
A 5-minute walk from Manabi-stay. Very popular, with a queue outside the restaurant before it even opens.

Yayoi Soba:
A 10-minute walk from Manabi-stay. Founded in 1948, popular among locals. The pork belly cha-shu melts in your mouth.