Charms of Hida Takayama

Morning Market

6 October, 2019 | Location

The morning market is a great start to a new day.  There are two separate morning markets that open every day in Takayama, one along the Miyagawa River and one in the plaza in front of the Takayama Jinya.

It is said the origin of the market started with silk raising farmers who sold mulberry leaves back in the Edo period. Now, you can find freshly picked fruits and vegetables, miso, homemade pickles, steamed vegetables, Japanese sweets, flowers, and souvenirs. The farmers are happy to tell you about their farm and the best way to eat their products. The morning market is a wonderful way to interact with the locals and learn about their lives and culture. You can enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as steamed or cooked vegetables and snacks as breakfast. Enjoy a stroll to the two morning markets, and take some time to walk by the Miyagawa River and plan your day!