Charms of Hida Takayama

Japanese Sweets Heaven

6 October, 2019 | Food

There is a growing boom of cafes in Takayama, and you can enjoy various types of cafes, all with their own specialty. Many of the old shops and stores in the Old Town have been renovated into cafes, and there is a nostalgic feel. You can enjoy a relaxing time in some of the cafes with inner gardens and galleries.

Café Ao:
 A 5-minute walk from Manabi-stay. Enjoy a tranquil time looking over the inner garden with a coffee and Japanese sweets. You can also buy cute souvenirs.

Café Kissako Katsute:
 A 5-minute walk from Manabi-stay. If you are tired of the crowd in the Old Town, this café is a great place to rest and eat some delicious warabi-mochi (dumplings made from bracken starch).