Experiences of Hida Takayama

Sake Breweries

6 October, 2019

Takayama is famous for being one of the greatest sake-producing locations in Japan. In its heyday, there were more than 60 sake breweries in Takayama.


There are various reasons why the Takayama sake is so good. First and foremost, Takayama has the best water from the Northern Alps, brought in by abundant flows through rivers. Beautiful waters make beautiful sake, and this is the key to good sake. Secondly, the climate is great for producing sake. Surrounded by high mountains, Takayama’s day and night temperature difference is very significant. Takayama also has heavy snows in the winter, and this coldness is essential for sake fermentation. Thirdly, the rice is another major factor for good sake. With abundant water, good rice is produced, and the Takayama rice is perfect for making sake.

Currently, there are six breweries in Takayama city. Each brand has different flavors and aromas. Visit the sake breweries for a tour and tasting to find your favorite!!

• Website: Harada Sake Brewery
• Website: Kawashiri Sake Brewery
• Website: Hirata Sake Brewery
• Website: Hirase Sake Brewery
• Website: Niki Sake Brewery
• Website: Funasaka Sake Brewery